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Assisted Living or Nursing Home?

Perhaps you have reached a point in life where you feel it might be best to move into a home or facility to help care for you. Maybe you are only considering assisted living, or you’ve decided a nursing home that can provide around-the-clock care would be a better fit. Before taking such a big step, discover what points you should think about to ensure you choose the right situation for your needs. Here are some tips to consider from The US Will Registry.

Making the Decision to Move To Assisted Living or Nursing Home

According to experts, there are several different areas to consider when you are thinking about moving into some form of assisted living or nursing care. Take into account factors such as:

  • Not having family close by to help you
  • Clutter you can’t overcome
  • Needing daily assistance with tasks
  • Unable to properly take care of the home you are currently in

Entering this type of housing is a highly personal decision. It’s worth taking the time to identify why moving is right for you. 

Assessing What Your Daily Needs Are

Once you’ve decided that moving is the best choice, ask yourself what your daily needs are. Do you need help by having someone else prepare your meals? Or would you like to live as independently as possible, knowing that there are aides close by if you need them?

Make sure you contact the homes in question and find out exactly what type of services are provided to you.  You will also want to inquire about what you are expected to do on your own. Is it possible to request assistance if you need to while taking a bath or getting dressed? Understanding the expectations and limits imposed by the facility you are interested in can help you make a more informed choice. 

Understanding the Type of Care Necessary for Your Lifestyle and Situation 

There are different types of care situations depending on the home you would like to move to. 

At an assisted living home, you live in your own small apartment.  Rest assured you can still get help if you need it when it comes to daily tasks, such as getting dressed, or seeking care if you are sick. Nursing homes may involve living in your own room or with a roommate.  Nursing homes generally have more hands-on care, such as being given medications, daily assistance with dressing, bathing, eating, and even memory support. 

Determining the Best Way to Pay for Housing

After figuring out what type of housing is best for you, the next step involves finding out the cost of the home and determining how you will pay for it. Perhaps you have the funds all upfront. If you don’t, explore other alternatives, such as using Medicaid or other types of assistance.

If you currently own a home, you can benefit by selling it and using the proceeds to cover your assisted living. Don’t forget that after you figure out how much you’ll make from the sale, you’ll need to consider these costs.  Realtor fees, whether you have a mortgage balance you need to pay off, and what the average home in your neighborhood typically sells for. You will likely want to negotiate for as much money from the sale as you can get. 

Taking the next step and moving to a home that offers you everything you’ll need for the next stage of your life is important.  Make certain you take your time to make the right decision for yourself.


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