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Writing a will checklist

Comprehensive Checklist for Writing a Will

Will creation is important to ensure that your intentions are respected and your family is provided for when you are no more. This checklist will help you put together your thoughts and particulars as you approach writing a will.

It covers everything from leaving bequests to charity, the distribution of assets and even naming guardians.  This is a comprehensive list of all the things you need to take into account when planning your estate. Completing this checklist will provide you with clarity while walking you through the process of so that your last wishes can be written down correctly and in line with the law.

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Checklist for Writing a Will

Personal Information
☐  Full name: __________________________________________________________
.Address: ___________________________________________________________
☐  Date of birth: ________________________________________________________

Choose an Executor
☐ Full name of executor: _________________________________________________
☐ Contact information: __________________________________________________

Appoint a Guardian (if applicable)
☐ Full name of guardian: ________________________________________________
☐ Contact information: __________________________________________________

Identify Beneficiaries
.Beneficiary 1: ________________________________________________________
,Beneficiary 2: ________________________________________________________
☐ Additional beneficiaries: _______________________________________________

Specify Assets and Distribution
.Real estate properties: ________________________________________________
☐  Bank accounts: ______________________________________________________
.Investments: ________________________________________________________
☐  Personal property: ___________________________________________________
.Other assets: ________________________________________________________

Choose a Pet Executor (if applicable)
☐ Full name of executor: _________________________________________________
☐ Contact information: __________________________________________________

Choose a Digital Executor (to handle your online accounts) 
☐ Full name of executor: _________________________________________________
☐ Contact information: __________________________________________________

Include Charity Bequests
. Charity 1: ___________________________________________________________
, Charity 2: ___________________________________________________________
☐ Additional charities: __________________________________________________

Add Any Special Instructions
.Special instructions 1: ________________________________________________
,Special instructions 2: ________________________________________________
☐ Additional instructions: ________________________________________________

Review Legal Requirements
☐ Witnesses’ full names: ________________________________________________
☐ Notary public (if required): _____________________________________________

Register and Store Your Will
☐  Register with The U.S. Will Registry (Free): _________________________________
.Store will in a secure location: __________________________________________
☐  Provide copies to executor and beneficiaries: _____________________________

☐ Store will in iCloud Document Storage (Free w/ :_________________

Regularly Review and Update
☐ Schedule for reviewing will: ____________________________________________
☐ Update will after major life events: _______________________________________

Final Steps
☐ Consult with an attorney: ______________________________________________
☐ Sign and date the will: ________________________________________________

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