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The Pros and Cons of Using a Holographic Will

What Is a Holographic Will?

The testator, meaning the person making the will, writes a holographic will entirely by hand. Unlike formal attorney-prepared wills, a holographic will is entirely handwritten.  Other alternatives include formal attorney-prepared wills or internet-based ones called online wills.

In certain states, a holographic will is considered legally binding if it is in handwritten form. It may appear simple and affordable, but there are several pros and cons to consider. This kind of will inherently face legal validity challenges, potential disputes, and provide limited instructions, highlighting the necessity for proper legal guidance to articulate your desires regarding asset distribution. Therefore, a lawyer or online will program should assist you so that you can accurately record and be assured of meeting all legal guidelines.

Pros of a Holographic Will

  • Cost-Effective: You do not have to pay an attorney’s fees.
  • Convenient: It can be done quickly and easily.
  • Flexible: Any changes required can be made with ease.

Cons of a Holographic Will

  • Legal Challenges: Handwritten documents are subject to legal challenges.
  • Varying Legality: Some states only accept them if they meet specific conditions.
  • Lack of Detail: This may lead to misunderstandings or arguments among those affected.

When Is a Handwritten Will Appropriate?

You might choose this option when you have few assets and a small estate. It could work as a transitional measure pending the completion of formal testamentary instruments. A handwritten document serves its purpose, especially in urgent situations without enough time to prepare a formal will. When everyone didn’t have a computer at their fingertips, handwritten wills were more prevalent.  Since free online will’s have become easily available, it is rare for someone to have a handwritten will today.

Creating a Holographic Will

For a holographic will to be valid, you must write the entire document, including the date and your signature. The handwriting must be legible and reflect your intentions. Some states may require witnesses.

Handwritten Will Alternatives

  • Attorney-Prepared Formal Wills: These have higher legal validity and detailed planning.
  • Online Programs for Wills: They ensure that legal requirements are met in your state.
  • Trusts: Another way of doing estate planning.

Validity of Holographic Wills

State laws determine the validity of holographic wills. Some states require specific conditions to be met for acceptance, such as signing it, dating it, or explicitly stating your intentions.

Risks Posed by Holographic Wills

Holographic wills carry significant risks. Without legal guidance, you might not comply with relevant laws, rendering your will voidable by courts. This could lead to beneficiaries quarreling and sharing property in unintended ways. Forgery or alteration of these documents can easily occur, leading to lawsuits and financial strain on surviving relatives.

More Reliable Options for Making a Will

To avoid the risks associated with holographic wills, consider using other methods:

  • Will Templates or Online Programs: Estate Attorneys are the creators of online wills, ensuring compliance with current regulations.
  • Estate Planning Attorneys: Estate Attorneys offer advice on legal matters and alternatives for tax efficiency and complex estates.
  • The U.S. Will Registry: If you have a simple estate valued below $3 million, creating a simple will online might suffice.  The U.S. Will Registry offers an easy-to-navigate online will creator program.


The Importance of Professional Legal Advice

When writing a will, the importance of hiring a professional for legal advice cannot be overemphasized. Lawyers also understand estate planning and that your will is an effective way to convey information on how your properties should be disposed of and compliance with all relevant laws. Furthermore, counsel can also demonstrate how trusts serve as a method to allocate assets, offering advantages in managing and controlling them compared to a simple will.

Dealing with Complex Estates

A simple holographic will prove insufficient if an individual possesses multiple properties, business interests, or significant investments. For such reasons, having a holographic will might not be comprehensive enough if you have different types of property wealth or major investment projects. Consequently, this means that one who is well conversant with the law can make your transition free from any other problems.

Witnesses and Notarization Roles

So then must there be witnesses? Some states do not require witnesses during the formation of a handwritten will but including them increases the validity of the testamentary document. One witness could testify to the sanity of the deceased at his/her time death and support the genuineness of the testament itself Whereas some claimants find notary helpful when contesting wills on certain occasions.

Peace of Mind

Do witnesses need to be present? Some states do not require witnesses when you draft a handwritten will, but having them adds credibility. A witness can prove the testator’s sanity at the time of death and substantiate the will’s genuineness. In some cases, notarization might also help reduce the risk of contesting a will.


Holographic wills offer convenience and low costs; however, legal experts scrutinize them for their high risks. Moreover, many courts disqualify them for not complying with legal procedures. Therefore, it is better to use more dependable methods for making your will, such as online programs, will templates, or consulting an estate planning lawyer. These methods ensure an accurate reflection of your wishes and preserve your legacy.

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