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Can You Look Up Someone’s Will Online

Are you thinking if it possible to search for someone’s will online? Whether you need to locate a missing will for estate settlement purposes or personal reasons, the internet can be a valuable resource indeed. There is a wider range of online tools and databases available nowadays that have made searching for a missing will easier than ever before.

The U.S. Will Registry

One of the most recommended ways to search for someone’s will online is through The U.S. Will Registry. It is a centralized database which allows individuals to register their wills so that it becomes easier for family members and beneficiaries to find them when they need them most. You can start off by visiting the U.S. Will Registry website where you can do a search to check if the missing will has been registered in their database.

Probate Court Websites

Many probate courts let you see their records online. They manage the legal part of sorting out someone’s belongings after they die. You can check if they have the will online. Just visit the probate court website in the County where the person lived. They often have an online database you can search.

Online Legal Databases

Additionally, another great resource at your disposal when it comes down to finding out about lost testamentary dispositions are various web-based legal databases which contain public records including court filings etc., along with suchlike documents relating thereto like Last Wills & Testaments and all things connected with Estates (wills & trusts). It could therefore happen that while browsing through some reputable ones – who knows? – maybe even stumble upon not only this particular document but also related estate papers!

Genealogy Websites

Another option worth considering would be genealogy websites, especially if we talk about ancestors who died without leaving behind any known testamentary disposition or intestacy situation. These online platforms offer access to historical records which usually include wills and probate documents among others (such as vital statistics). Therefore, conducting a search on such sites might eventually lead them straight to where these missing legal papers are hiding.

Public Record Websites

Public record websites can also come in handy when trying to locate lost last testaments since they provide access to wide range of public records including those related to Wills & Probate. Some of these sites may require payment or registration but could still prove useful tools for finding missing legal documents.

Legal Aid Organizations

Lastly, do not underestimate what support could be derived from contacting local legal aid organizations.  Some have resources specifically tailored towards individuals searching for misplaced testamentary dispositions like wills. Additionally, bar associations may offer valuable assistance during one’s quest too.

What to do if a Will Cannot Be Found

If the family is unable to locate a copy of the will, they can still go ahead with probate by following the correct legal procedures. Normally, the next steps include filing a petition with the probate court to open an intestate estate. During this procedure, the court appoints an administrator tasked with distributing assets according to state law. The administrator identifies heirs and creditors, settles debts, and distributes remaining assets. It is important for one to engage a lawyer specializing in probate law.  A probate attorney will go go through this process without any difficulties and meet all legal requirements. Moreover, it might be useful for families to employ a researcher or investigator dealing with probate matters who will conduct thorough search for the missing will.


While looking for a missing will using sources from the internet, it is important that privacy and confidentiality concerns are respected. Also ensure that you cross-check any information found with appropriate authorities or professionals.  This will avoid contravening any laws which might arise due this activity.

Thanks to the myriad online resources available today, locating a lost testament has been made much easier than before. To increase your chances of finding the document, take advantage of available tools and databases. This enables fulfillment of legal and personal desires.

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