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How to Look Up a Will Online

To ensure that the estate of a loved one who has passed away is handled properly, we will look at various methods or options for how to look up a will online.

After someone dies there are many things that need to be taken care of such as paying off any debts they may have had, getting all their paperwork in order and starting probate on their estate. One of the first things you should do during this time is try to find out if they left behind any written instructions about how they wanted their affairs handled after death, most importantly where can I get another copy of this person’s Last Will and Testament? In this section we shall discuss different ways through which you can effectively locate a will so as not only ease but also speed up the process settling an estate.

It may seem strange but people spend much of their lives preparing for death. They want to ensure that everything goes according to plan when the inevitable happens – including writing down what they would like done with each asset or heirloom once they’re gone. Therefore, it can be quite shocking if such legally binding documents cannot be found after someone has died because there are no rules governing where an original should be stored once signed by its creator.

Therefore, courts consider where these documents are stored irrelevant, whether in lawyers’ offices or relatives’ houses.

How Do I Find My Loved One’s Will?

In an ideal situation, families openly discuss these things before someone dies. They talk about where all necessary papers can be found including copies of wills, key contacts numbers and names as well financial records locations among others. If your family hasn’t had such talks yet then don’t worry too much – there still exist various ways by means of which one might try to find another person’s testament following unexpected death event.

How To Look For A Copy Of Somebody’s Will – Online Search

Maybe the deceased registered his or her will online so you need to check that out first.  This is quite simple because most people use internet services nowadays anyway. You may not see full electronic version there but at least it’ll give clues on how to locate the original copy somewhere else.  This will allow for the probate proceedings initiation.

One valuable source on how to find a copy of a will is through The U.S. Will Registry’s search for a missing will.  Attorneys and the public register their wills for free in order to assist their family in finding a lost will.  With this information, they can easily know how to locate the missing will.  This will in turn make it easier for them to execute the wishes of their deceased loved ones.

Physical Search

If there’s nothing found online, then start looking around the diseased person’s home.  Check every single potential hiding place there might be:

  • bedrooms including closets under beds etc.
  • kitchens with cupboards sinks
  • basements attics
  • garages where tools are stored
  • bathrooms toilets shower stalls behind mirrors
  • living rooms under carpets floor boards between walls behind or
  • beneath furniture pieces such as sofas armchairs so forth.

Contact any attorney working with deceased clients in the past.  Search back many years.  Try calling accountants employed by them as well. These professionals may have been entrusted with their last will and testament while they were alive. Don’t forget to call bank which held accounts for that individual.  Inquire if they ever had safety deposit during their lifetime as last will could’ve been kept inside one of those.

What If I Can’t Find A Deceased Person’s Will Online?

When all else fails especially after having searched through The U.S Will Registry without success, know that the Will Registry will submit your search information into their “missing will database”.  This database is available to all attorneys to cross reference their client’s files.  This allows attorneys to be aware that a clients family member is looking for a missing will they may hold. The registry provides an easy way of finding lost wills due to their commitment towards reuniting families with lost will documents.

Is It Necessary To Have An Original Will In Order For Me To Apply For Probate?

For probate, it is always best to generate an original will. Usually the court will assume that the person who made the will intentionally destroyed it to revoke it, when an original will cannot be produced. In this case, the court treats their property as if they died without a will. Consequently, the court gives away the property according to the state law which usually benefits relatives in blood.

Nonetheless, it is possible to establish what a copy of a will says. Every state has its own regulations for achieving this and you should consult with a probate lawyer from your state who can help explain your options better. At least one must provide an account of why they don’t have the original document, such as it got burnt down in fire or any other disaster. This becomes messy if someone challenges whether or not this testament is valid.

Having the original will makes probate process much easier and faster. Many times, these originals also include self-proving affidavits.  These are notarized documents that verify the validity of wills and can expedite the probate process by saving time.

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