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Last will and testament samples

Last Will and Testament Sample

Estate Planning Terminology

In this article, we present Last Will and Testament samples created by our online will maker program.  Each section contains detailed explanations on the process of creating a will. We guide you on the considerations necessary for crafting a legal and comprehensive will document. Last will and testament sample wills are provided for various scenarios, including Single, Single with Child, Married, Married with Children, and Partnership Relationships, offering practical insights into effective estate planning.


1. Last Will and Testament Sample 

Single Person

This document is a Last Will and Testament of Karen Ann Stone.

Let’s break down its basic elements:

    1. Identification of Testator:

      • Karen Ann Stone is identified as the testator.
      • Address Provided:  3240 East Huron Street, Missouri Valley, Iowa, 51555, Benton County.
      • The document explicitly states that this is her Last Will and Testament, revoking all prior Wills and Codicils.
    2. Date of Creation:

      • The Last Will and Testament was created on 01/15/2024.
    3. Family Information:

      • Karen Ann Stone is not married as of the date of this Will.
      • She does not have any children.
    4. Directives Concerning the Care of Pets:

      • Karen has made provisions for the care of her pets, including a tropical fish tank, her parrot Rocky, and her German Shepherd Rambo.
      • Caretakers are designated for each pet, along with a heartfelt gift of $3,000 for each caretaker.
    5. Specific Bequests Provisions:

      • Specific items are bequeathed to specific individuals.  These include: a Safire Necklace, cookware, personal belongings, a car, a condo, and a gold necklace with diamonds.
      • Alternatives are provided in case the primary beneficiary does not survive.
    6. Disposition of Residual Estate:

      • The residual estate is to be distributed to beneficiaries in specified proportions.
      • The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and Marcy Turner receive designated charitable contributions.
      • The outline includes contingency plans if the primary beneficiary (Marcy Turner) does not survive.
    7. Dispute Resolution:

      • A process for resolving disputes among beneficiaries is outlined.
      • The Will invokes a no-contest clause, stating penalties for anyone who challenges it.
    8. Designation of Executor:

      • Marcy Turner is appointed as the Executor/Personal Representative.
      • Barry Zipper is nominated as the alternate Executor/Personal Representative.
    9. Performance-Based Executor Compensation:

      • The executor’s compensation of $2500 is awarded upon diligent performance and fulfillment of duties.
    10. Powers of Executor:

      • General and specific powers are granted to the Executor for proper estate administration.


(BELOW) This final will document outlines Karen Ann Stone’s wishes regarding the distribution of her assets, care for her pets, and the appointment of an Executor to carry out her instructions.

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Single Person


2. Last Will and Testament Sample 

Single Person with Child

   This document is the Last Will and Testament of Susan Cook.

Let’s break down its basic elements:

    • Identification of Testator

      • Susan Cook is identified as the testator.
      • Her address is mentioned as 5698 NW 29th Manor, Hollywood, Florida, 33025, Broward County.
      • The document explicitly states that this is her Last Will and Testament, revoking all prior Wills and Codicils.
      • The creation date of the Will is 01/16/2024.
    • Family Information

      Susan is not married.

      • She has two children, Donny Cook and Arial Cook.
      • All references to “my children” in the Will include Donny Cook and Arial Cook.
      • “My descendants” refers to Susan’s children and their descendants.
    • Guardianship Provisions:

      • Guardians are designated for Susan’s children, Donny Cook and Arial Cook, who are under 18 or specially abled.
      • Harry Cook is designated as the primary guardian, Jane Cook as the alternate guardian in case the primary is unavailable.
    • Financial Guardian:

      • Susan designates Harry Cook as the financial guardian for her minor and/or specially abled children, with Jane Cook as the alternate.
      • The financial guardian is entitled to receive compensation of $6,000.
    • Beneficiary Exclusion:

      • Daniele Stettner is intentionally excluded from the will.
    • Directives Concerning the Care of Pets:

      • Susan has made provisions for the care of her pet, TODO (an English Springer Spaniel dog), with Nancy Glass as the primary caregiver and Betty Jones as the backup.
      • $2,000 from specified bequests is designated for the care of the pet.
    • Specific Bequests Provisions

      • Specific items, including a Honda Accord and Artwork, are bequeathed to Betty Grabo and Gigi Roberts, respectively.
    • Disposition of Residual Estate:

      • Residual estate distribution includes a charitable bequest to the American Cancer Society.  The remainder of Susan’s estate will go to Susan’s children in specified percentages.
      • Contingency plans are outlined for the descendants of Susan’s children: Donny Cook and Arial Cook.
    • Dispute Resolution:

      • Invoke a no-contest clause to discourage challenges to the will’s validity.
    • Designation of Executor:

      • Appoint Helen Grabo as Executor/Personal Representative, with Harold Grabo as the alternate.
    • Performance-Based Executor Compensation

      • The executor’s compensation is contingent upon diligent performance, with a specified amount of $5,000.
    • Powers of Executor:

      • The Executor is granted general and specific powers to ensure proper estate administration.

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 Single Person with Children


3.  Last Will and Testament Sample 

Married, No Children

  (See Final Document Sample Below).

This document is the Last Will and Testament of Ben Jameson

Let’s break down its basic elements:

    1. Identification of Testator:

      • Ben Jameson’s Last Will and Testament.
      • Created on 01/15/2024.
      • Revokes all prior Wills and Codicils.
    2. Family Information:

      • Ben’s spouse is Susan Ann Jameson.
      • No children as of the date of the Will.
    3. Directives Concerning the Care of Pets:

      • Ben has a pet named Fluffy (Siamese Cat).
      • Requests provisions for the care of Fluffy for the remainder of its life.
      • Harry Kroll is the primary caregiver, and Kari Kroll is the backup.
    4. Specific Bequests Provisions:

      • Items like a 2022 Honda Accord, Sports memorabilia, Movado watch go to Nancy Glass.
      • Baseball card collection, gold necklace, Hirschfeld Artwork go to Simon Lassover.
      • If Simon doesn’t survive, the gifts go to George Lassover.
    5. Disposition of Residual Estate:

      • Heartfelt legacy:
        • $5,000 to American Heart Association.
        • 100% to Susan Ann Jameson (spouse).
        • If Susan doesn’t survive, split between American Heart Association and Robert Benson.
    6. Dispute Resolution:

      • Encourages resolving disputes through communication.
      • No no-contest clause; trusts beneficiaries to honor final wishes.
    7. Designation of Executor:

      • Harry Cambell is the Executor.
      • Paul Miller is the alternate if Harry is unavailable.
      • Immediate authorization to use assets for debts, obligations, and funeral expenses.
    8. Performance-Based Executor Compensation:

      • $5,000 compensation contingent on diligent performance.
    9. Powers of Executor:

      • General and specific powers granted for estate administration.
      • No specific limitations on powers.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW Sample Last Will and Testament Document –

Married no Children


4. Last Will and Testament Sample 

Married/Partner with Children

Last Will and Testament of Thomas Banks

Let’s break down its basic elements:

  1. Identification of Testator:

    • Individual: Thomas Banks
    • Residing at: 1306 Idylwood Road, Baltimore, MD, 21208, Baltimore County.
  2. Family Information:

    • Partner: Tracy Hirsch (referred to as “my partner”).
    • Children: Neil Banks, Leslie Banks (and any future children or adopted children).
    • Descendants: Refers to children and their descendants, including those of deceased children.

2.  Guardianship Provisions:

    • Designates guardians if both parents are unavailable.
    • Guardian for Leslie Banks: Keal Smith (Friend).
    • Financial Guardian: Gene Hirsch (Step Parent) for minor and/or specially-abled children.
    • Financial guardian entitled to $5,000 compensation.

3. Beneficiary Exclusion:

    • Exclusion: Daniel Stettner (Sibling) intentionally not provided for in the will.

4.  Directives Concerning Pets:

    • Pet: Chi Chi (Dog).
    • Caregiver: Elon Musk for Chi Chi (Dog), with Pat Musk as an alternate.

5.  Specific Bequests Provisions:

    • Diamond Watch, Artwork: Ben Stein (Friend).
    • Gold Necklace and Stocks: Pat Boone (Friend); Kim Boone (Friend) if Pat Boone does not survive.

6.  Disposition of Residual Estate:

    • Muscular Dystrophy Association: 15% share.
    • Children: 85% share distributed equally.
    • Neil Banks’s share to Jim Jones (Sibling) and American Diabetes Association if Neil doesn’t survive.
    • Leslie Banks’s share distributed equally among listed beneficiaries if Leslie doesn’t survive.
    • Charitable organization’s share redirected if no longer operating.

7.  Designation of Executor:

    • Executor: Lisa Mona (Relative).
    • Alternate Executor: Harold Katz (Relative) if Lisa Mona is unavailable.

8.  Performance-Based Executor Compensation:

    • Compensation: $5,000 contingent upon diligent performance.

9.  Powers of Executor:

    • General and Specific Powers: Broad powers for estate administration.


In Conclusion:

Empowering Decision-Making:  Insights from Sample Wills

These sample Last Will and Testaments serve as invaluable guides for individuals unfamiliar with the intricacies of creating a will. These samples offer a structured framework, helping users organize their thoughts and preferences effectively. They cover essential elements such as family information, directives concerning the care of pets, specific bequests, disposition of residual estate, and more.

Simplified Estate Planning: The U.S. Will Registry’s Online Will Maker

For those who may feel uncertain or unfamiliar with the process of creating a will, The U.S. Will Registry’s online will maker presents itself as a comprehensive solution. The user-friendly interface ensures a seamless and accessible experience, guiding individuals through each step of the process. The platform not only simplifies the complexities of estate planning but also allows users to take their time, avoiding any sense of rush in making crucial decisions.

Confidence in Decision-Making: Combining Insights and Technology

One notable feature is the option to have an attorney review the created will. This additional layer of assurance provides users with the opportunity to ensure that their document meets all their needs and aligns with legal requirements. By combining the insights from the sample wills and the assistance of The U.S. Will Registry’s online will maker, individuals can approach the task of creating a will with confidence, knowing they have the resources to make informed decisions for the well-being of themselves and their loved ones.


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