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National Will Registry Celebrates 27 Years

The U.S. National Will Registry recently celebrated a significant 15-year anniversary since its establishment in 1997. During this time, questions have arisen regarding the importance of not only writing a Will but also registering it and searching for the Will of a deceased loved one.

Who Registers a Will?

Various entities, such as private individuals, attorneys, family members, and financial institutions, can register wills. Each of these parties may register a will for different reasons. These reasons can vary from ensuring accessibility and validity to facilitating estate administration and distribution. Whether an individual is taking proactive steps to safeguard their estate plan or a legal professional is managing a client’s affairs, registering a will provides security and peace of mind for all involved.

Benefits of Using The U.S. National Will Registry:

Lack of Communication:

Upon the passing of a loved one, the next of kin often face challenges in locating and presenting the will for estate administration, particularly if they were not informed of its existence or whereabouts. By registering a Will with The U.S. National Will Registry, loved ones can conduct a Will Search, ensuring the Will can be utilized for estate administration even if they were not informed of its location.

Time-Consuming Search Process:

Finding a Will by contacting numerous firms or Will writers can be a lengthy and tedious process. The U.S. National Will Registry simplifies this task by providing a centralized database for locating registered Wills. Through a Will Register Search, Wills can be quickly identified, saving time and effort for the searcher.

Validity of Discovered Wills:

Frequently updating your Will is essential to accurately reflect changes in your circumstances. By utilizing The U.S. National Will Registry, you can ensure that the Will you register and is found is the most recent version. Consequently, this ensures that any previous versions of a will that might be found will not be honored if a more recent one is located.

Forgetfulness Over Time:

As time passes, forgetfulness regarding the location or existence of a Will can occur. Registering your Will provides a safety net, ensuring that both you and your loved ones can easily locate it when needed.

Trusted by Legal Professionals:

The U.S. National Will Registry is endorsed and utilized by thousands of legal professionals, law firms, and industry organizations. Furthermore, its recognition within the legal industry makes registering and searching for Wills with The U.S. National Will Registry a best practice endorsed by numerous industry authorities.




Searching a Will on The U.S. Will Registry

When searching for a will on the U.S. Will Registry, the process involves several steps to ensure a comprehensive and efficient search. Firstly, access the U.S. Will Registry website and navigate to the search feature. Next, input relevant information such as the name of the individual, date of birth, and any other identifying details to narrow down the search criteria. Then, carefully review the search results to identify potential matches based on the provided information.

If the registration of the will is found in the registry, the information will be released to the family’s attorney. However, prior to release, a death certificate and ID must be provided to confirm the requester’s identity and legal authority.

Safeguarding Registration Information

Can the registration get into the wrong hands? Absolutely not. When a registration is submitted, the registrant must specify which members or beneficiaries will have permission to access the registration. This could be an attorney, friend, or family member. Consequently, ID and a death certificate are required before the information is released to an attorney. Moreover, the attorney must also validate the information for its authenticity.


The U.S. National Will Registry is endorsed and utilized by thousands of legal professionals, including solicitors, law firms, and industry organizations. Its recognition within the legal industry makes registering and searching for Wills with The U.S. National Will Registry a best practice endorsed by numerous industry authorities.

Furthermore, The U.S. National Will Registry provides peace of mind by ensuring that we carry out your wishes as intended, without the risk of an outdated or unrecognized will coming to light. Additionally, the extensive database of the Register covers a wide range of geographic areas, making it easier for us to locate wills regardless of their registration location.

Moreover, The U.S. National Will Registry’s user-friendly interface and efficient search tools streamline the process of Will registration and retrieval, saving both time and effort for individuals and legal professionals alike. Its commitment to accuracy and reliability has earned it a reputation as a trusted resource in the field of estate planning.

Additional National Will Registry Services:

Missing Will Search

When a family member can’t find a will, they may search for its registration. This involves accessing a database where individuals register their will’s existence and location. Typically, the process includes entering the deceased’s legal name, date of birth, and address. If a searcher finds a registration, they must provide a death certificate and their ID.  Then, they forward the registered information to the family’s attorney for further action. This process maintains the will’s privacy until needed and provides a way for family members to access important legal documents.




Free Online Will Creator Program

In addition to these benefits, the Registry has developed a Free online will creator program to assist those who feel they have a simple estate and prefer to create a will in the comfort and relaxed atmosphere of their home, without any pressure. The program is extremely user-friendly and guides you seamlessly through the process. The process will produce a final document that requires witnessing to be valid.

Free Online Document Vault Storage

Furthermore, The U.S. National Will Registry collaborates with a Document Storage Platform offering free online document vault storage to secure a copy of the will is accessible and never missing. This additional service ensures that we securely store and easily retrieve your important legal documents, including your will, whenever needed.

Free Downloadable Advance Health Directive Forms

Advance Health Directive forms are essential for comprehensive estate planning as they provide individuals with the opportunity to outline their healthcare preferences and appoint someone to make medical decisions on their behalf if they become incapacitated. These forms are available for free download, ensuring accessibility for all individuals.

In Conclusion

The U.S. National Will Registry provides a reliable and efficient solution for will registration and search services. Furthermore, with its extensive database, trusted reputation, and industry endorsements, The U.S. National Will Registry becomes the go-to resource for ensuring the security and accessibility of wills. To learn more about registering or searching for a will with The U.S. National Will Registry, take advantage of the special offer available until December 31st by using the code 10M when registering online.

Don’t Have a Will, or Need to Update Your Will?

The U.S. Will Registry has created a FREE online will program for the public to create a user-friendly, online legal will from your home. Creating a will from home gives you the ability to take your time and ensure your wishes are accurately reflected.




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