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What is a Will Registry

What is a Will Registry

Registering your will in a Will Registry may not be mandatory, but it can be one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your loved ones. It enables close relatives to find your last Will after passing. This will help a great deal in minimizing any conflicts that may arise. A Will ensures that your loved ones understand your wishes. According to attorneys, roughly 67% of Wills go missing without any trace. With Will registrations, the crisis of missing Wills has reduced. 

Finding a Lost Will Can Be a Daunting Task

You can imagine the stress of a loved one not being able to trace your Will. If the individual trying to locate your Will fails to do so, they may feel they are not honoring your wishes. After death, it will be tough to find a lost Will. The following are some facts you know before registering your Will.

Registering Your Will Makes It Easily Traceable 

Your family members may fail to remember the location of your Will. The Will may also get lost or misplaced. Registering your Will ensures that your loved ones easily find it. The only thing they should do is search carefully on the registration records. They will also need your details for faster access to your Will.

No Lost Inheritance

 If those close to you cannot find your Will, they may not know what your wishes were. Failing to leave a Will sees your estate’s division under the rules of intestacy. It would be impossible for your loved one to inherit property or gift you would have left in your Will. Before thinking twice about registering your Will, this reason should be enough!


Registering your Will allows those close to you to find it easily after you pass away. Before accessing the Will register, your loved ones must present your death certificate copy.

Following your passing, your loved ones can apply to the probate service for a grant of probate. The law states that if an individual leaves a Will after their death, they should get a grant of probate. It will be a certification by the probate office that the Will left is valid. Those in the Will can then execute its wishes with institutions such as banks and others needing a grant of probate.

If you fail to leave a Will, upon your passing, your loved ones must apply for a Letter of Administration. Upon approval of the letter, they can use it as a substitute for the grant of probate. However, they should adhere to intestacy rules when dividing up the estate.

Should You Register Your Will for It to Be Legal? 

It is not mandatory to register your Will. You may decide to keep it at home where you think it will be safe. Remember that it is not a good idea to have the bank keep your Will in a safety deposit box. The reason is that your Will’s executor can only open the deposit court after getting the court’s permission – but it is impossible to grant this permission without the Will in the first place.

If you feel like keeping it at home is best, you must inform your executor where they can locate it. It would be best if you also put it down in writing should they forget.

Considerations When Writing Your Will

Before sorting out your Will, you have to realize that: 

  • In Case of Concerns, Seek Legal Advice – If you think your Will is not simple enough or are worried about the registration process, you should talk to solicitors. They understand the Will writing process better, so they can assist you in writing Wills that accommodate all your requirements.
  • Registering Your Will Eases the Probate Process – We have looked at probate already, but it is worth a reminder. A quick probate case may take roughly nine months. The inability of a loved one to find your Will could drag the process for years. Make it easier for your loved ones by registering your Will!

The Will Registration Process

Probate Court

There are various options you can consider when registering your Will. In some states, you may do so through the secretary of state or your local probate court. You can also do the registration on your own, leaving the court with the original Will. In other states, you can only register your Will’s information, mainly where your loved ones can locate it after your death.  

Your local probate court will have information on how it works in your county. The process may be as simple as filling out a form and, with permission, leaving your Will in a plain sealed envelope. Your loved ones or executor Will be the only ones allowed to access the information upon your passing.

Online Registry Company

Online registry companies also offer Will registration services. These online companies will help you store your Will information without pay. The company keeps your information confidential. Only specific people can access your Will and the information therein upon your passing.

How the U.S. Will Registry Comes In

The US Will registry is an ideal platform if you need to register your Will. It was founded to offer Will beneficiaries a way of finding lost Wills of loved ones that had died. Thus, the US Will Registry will ensure you find any Will you think is missing. Our online platform entails a search mechanism that allows the public and attorneys to peruse our database for any missing Will. 

If your search finds a registration, you can only get the registered Will upon submission of proper documentation to our legal team. You will need a death certificate and identification. Upon registration of your Will, instead of telling your loved ones where the Will is, you can merely tell them that they can find the Will in our registry, giving the process ultimate confidentiality.

If you have a Will, you should register it. The best part about making your registration with the US Will Registry is that registration is free! You also don’t need to worry if your loved one passed away long ago. Our registry offers a search process that guarantees to find Wills dated as far back as 1967. Register now for free! 


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