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6 Benefits of Making an Online Will

Creating a will is one of those tasks that everyone knows they need to do, but few people prioritize. Perhaps it’s the inconvenience of visiting a lawyer or the assumption that it won’t be needed any time soon. Although life after you’re gone is an unpleasant thought, it is important to make your final wishes

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Is an Online Will Legal?

If you’ve never drafted your Last Will and Testament, you may be confused about the variety of approaches you can take. What makes a will legal, and can you create your will online? Let’s take

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What is Probate?

Before you write your will, plan your estate, or settle your end-of-life affairs, it is important that you understand what probate is and how your end-of-life documents can ease the process for your loved ones.

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What is a Revocable Trust?

It is always a good idea to get important documents, accounts, and information squared away before you actually have to. What is a revocable trust, and do you need one? Important Terms You Should Know

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Is Estate Planning the Same as a Will?

Many people confuse the terms “will planning” and “estate planning.” In reality, they are two different processes with separate requirements. Let’s take a closer look. What is Estate Planning? Estate planning encompasses will planning, as

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