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Finding Out If a Will Exist

Finding Out If a Will Exists

Trying to locate a will after a loved one’s passing can be an overwhelming task for grieving family and friends. Most people don’t think about this until pending obligations like division of estates, repayment of debts, and other financial matters take priority. Typically an executor (i.e., an attorney or loved one appointed by the deceased)

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leaving a lasting legacy

Leaving a Lasting Legacy

Everyone wants to be remembered after death, but few people know how to. If you want to leave a lasting legacy and do some good in the world even after you pass, the good news

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Is an Online Will Legal?

If you’ve never drafted your Last Will and Testament, you may be confused about the variety of approaches you can take. What makes a will legal, and can you create your will online? Let’s take

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What is Probate?

Before you write your will, plan your estate, or settle your end-of-life affairs, it’s important to do your research. Take steps to understand what probate is and how your end-of-life documents can ease the process

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What is a Revocable Trust?

It is always a good idea to get important documents, accounts, and information squared away before you actually have to. What is a revocable trust, and do you need one? Important Terms You Should Know

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