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Leaving a Lasting Legacy

Everyone wants to be remembered after death, but few people know how to. If you want to leave a lasting legacy and do some good in the world even after you pass, the good news is that it’s possible. Even during your life, you can begin leaving a lasting legacy that will last far beyond your passing.

How Can You Leave a Lasting Legacy?

Your name might not be in lights, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t important. Everyone can contribute to making the world a better place. After all, such a big project begins in individuals. If leaving a lasting legacy is important to you, consider taking the following steps.

  • Leave money to charities.

One of the easiest and most helpful ways for you to leave an imprint on the world is to leave a portion of your savings to one or more charities. It is important that you research these organizations now so that you know exactly who they are, what they believe, and what they need to continue impacting the world. You may choose to leave your money to one large charity or to split it amongst many. Regardless, investing in others always results in a lasting legacy, famous or not.

  • Set up scholarships.

Some individuals also choose to set up scholarships with the remainder of their life’s savings. For instance, you might entrust an organization with your money, and every year they choose an impoverished child to receive a portion of your money as a scholarship to a certain college. You can arrange for a scholarship fund in many different formats.

  • Begin investing money now.

There is no time like the present! To ensure that you are leaving your money to the proper authorities, it is best to get a headstart on donating and investing. This allows you to work with various organizations and for them to put a face to a name. It will mean so much more later if they knew you and worked alongside you.

  • Communicate with organizations where you would like to donate your money.

Likewise, it is a good idea to develop a relationship with potential charities. If you are considering donating to a children’s charity, see if you can volunteer and spend time with the children. Real-life actions make post-life gestures more meaningful.

  • Make the most of your current assets.

Rather than leaving your assets entirely in the hands of someone else down the road, feel free to begin settling your affairs now. For instance, liquifying assets such as jewelry, furniture, etc. puts more money in your account and increases the amount you can donate after death.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

To ensure your legacy is remembered, it is important to go through the proper channels when settling your affairs. Research your state’s laws regarding your Last Will and Testament, legal witnesses, notarization, etc. It is important to make sure your will is legally binding so that all of your assets go where you desire them to go.

Additionally, it is critical that loved ones can locate your will upon your passing. After all, if they can’t find your wishes, they cannot fulfill your wishes. Register the location of your will online, then share the registration with the necessary people. They will be able to access your will upon your passing and begin fulfilling your final wishes, thus securing your lasting legacy.

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