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A missing will creates tension among family members.

Coping with a Missing Will

Trying to find a missing will can be a distressing situation, leading to confusion and uncertainty. Understanding the steps you can take to address this issue and prevent it from happening in the first place is crucial. This blog explores the implications of a missing will and provides guidance on potential solutions. Additionally, we will delve into the legal implications associated with lost wills.

Central Will Registries in the U.S.

While many countries have central Will Registries where they record and store wills, the United States lacks such a system. Individuals are free to choose where they store their wills, often without informing anyone of the will’s location or even its existence. Unfortunately, this lack of transparency can result in treating the estate as intestate, following default provisions that may not align with the testator’s wishes.

Importance of Secure Will Storage

To prevent potential complications, it is crucial to have a properly drafted will in place and to ensure that you store it securely and make it easily locatable. Attorneys and Will writers offer the service of storing the original wills for their clients. However, it is important to consider the long-term accessibility of such storage. Locating a will stored with an attorney can become incredibly challenging when the attorney passes away or retires. Therefore, we highly recommend utilizing a secured online storage solution that guarantees perpetual accessibility. is one such option, a free iCloud storage platform available to both attorneys and the public, specifically designed for secure storage of estate documents. By leveraging secure online storage services, you can ensure the preservation and accessibility of your important legal documents for years to come.

Responsibilities of Executors and the Risks Involved

Executors bear the additional burden of personal liability when they do not know the location of the will. If they proceed with estate administration without making reasonable efforts to locate the will and it later surfaces, they may be held financially responsible for any discrepancies between the distribution outlined in the will and the actual distribution. This highlights the importance of diligent inquiry and thorough search efforts on the part of the Executors.

The Role of The U.S. Will Registry in Locating Wills

The U.S. Will Registry, a national Wills register, offers a potential solution for finding missing wills. Attorneys who provide will writing services often register wills with The U.S. Will Registry. Registered wills can be easily located through a search process. Utilizing The U.S. Will Registry’s service can provide peace of mind and streamline the administration of the estate.

Situations Where the Original Will Cannot Be Found

Despite conducting a search through The U.S. Will Registry,  it is possible that the original will remains undiscovered. However, all hope is not lost. If a firm or attorney can verify that the deceased had chosen to retain the original will themselves, a copy of the signed will can still be utilized in an application for a Grant of Probate. Although this situation adds complexity to the process, it can potentially avert the estate being governed by intestacy rules.

Reasons for a Missing Will

Missing wills can lead to various legal issues, contingent upon specific circumstances and applicable state laws. We will now examine other situations and possibilities that illustrate these scenarios and their respective legal implications.

Addressing the Issue of Lost Documents

Unfortunately, some wills are susceptible to being lost over time. Aging individuals may experience forgetfulness, undergo relocations, or have others assisting them during moves. In these situations, wills can be misplaced, and their whereabouts become unknown. There are instances where wills are mistakenly discarded, as they may be perceived as unnecessary paperwork. As a result, locating these missing wills becomes a significant challenge.

Revoked Will

In situations where a will has been intentionally revoked, an earlier will that was not revoked may dictate the distribution of the estate. Understanding the revocation process and the presence of prior wills is crucial to determine the validity and effect of each will.

Maliciously Destroyed

Furthermore, it is unfortunate but true that wills are sometimes intentionally destroyed for malicious reasons. In cases where someone disagrees with the provisions of a will or becomes aware that they have been excluded from the inheritance, they may have a vested interest in making the will disappear. By doing so, they hope to trigger the state’s default rules of asset distribution, which often include them as a natural heir. This underscores the importance of safeguarding original wills and implementing secure storage measures to prevent tampering or destruction motivated by personal gain.

Will Substitute

Photocopy of a Missing Will  (Duplicate Copy).  When an original will is missing, potential heirs may attempt to use a photocopy for probate. However, the acceptability of photocopies varies by state. Seeking legal counsel promptly is crucial in such circumstances to safeguard the interests of potential heirs.


A missing will can create significant challenges during estate administration. By understanding the implications, exploring potential solutions like utilizing Certainty, and seeking legal advice when necessary, individuals can navigate the complexities associated with missing wills and safeguard their interests.

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