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Finding an Obituary for a Specific Person

Finding an Obituary for a Specific Person

Finding an obituary for a specific person should not be difficult and yet it often is. It’s an unfortunate fact of life that, at some point, we will lose someone who is dear to us. It’s a moment of heartache that leaves us feeling vulnerable. But, being able to read the obituary with the details of the life that was can provide comfort and a sense of closure.

Reasons for Searching for Someone’s Obituary

People look for somebody’s obituary for a number of reasons:

  • Closure and Mourning: An obituary can give people relief because they mourn the deceased by reflecting upon their lives and what they have left behind.
  • Genealogical Research: Most frequently, obits are full of genealogical information such as relatives, birth places, and at times descriptions of person’s life which are not available in any other source.
  • Legal and Financial Matters: Sometimes one may require an obituary to settle estates or financial matters, ascertain death or establish whether there was a will or not.
  • Connecting with the Community: Obituaries usually consist of funeral/memorial service details hence enabling friends acquaintances or members of the community pay tribute to them and offer sympathy.
  • Historical and Cultural Interest: Some individuals search through obituaries from historical or cultural perspectives particularly for prominent persons or people who made significant contributions to society.

In summary, searching for someone’s obituary serves practical as well as emotional purposes as it comes in handy while handling grief and getting vital details needed in personal capacities or legal issues.

Searching for the Obituary

When you are looking for an obituary for a specific person, the best advice is to arm yourself with as many details as possible. Of course, it’s best to be able to search for the exact date of death. But, if you don’t have the exact date of death try searching on a range of dates. If you know the place of death, that can help you, too. You can also try searching using the last known place of residence if you aren’t sure of the place of death. If the person whose obituary you are looking for is a married woman, search using her married name. You can narrow down the search results, if necessary, by using her maiden name.

Finding Obituaries Online

There are various sites on the Internet offering access to historical records, including obituaries. Utilizing a comprehensive search engine is often the most efficient approach, indexing numerous sites for streamlined research. Consider individual site searches only if search engine results are insufficient.

Challenges in Finding Specific Obituaries

Locating an obituary for a specific person can be challenging. Unique names might yield quicker results, but the abundance of data can also hinder searches. Additionally, accessing some obituaries may require subscription due to paywalls, even after finding them.

The U.S. Will Registry

On the U.S. Will Registry, however, you can search or post an obituary (or a death notice) for no cost. It’s a service available to the public, attorneys, and funeral homes. The U.S. Will Registry offers this service to help people through a difficult moment.

When you add an obituary or a death notice on the U.S. Will Registry, you can add as much information, including a photograph, as you need. After you post the obituary, you can share the link with all who may be interested. And they, in turn, can share it with others who would have known the deceased.

The U.S. Will Registry allows you to find an obituary for a specific person by simply entering their legal name and birthdate. Death notices are also able to be searched as well by entering the deceased name and birthdate.


In Summary

Finding an obituary for a loved one can be challenging yet meaningful for closure. It’s a moment that provides solace through reminiscing about the life once lived.

When you begin your search, collect as much information as possible including the place and date of death or use the last known address. Last names that are used for married women and maiden names may also narrow search results.

Online platforms have historical records such as obituaries. It is not uncommon to rely on an all-inclusive search engine for this purpose, though individual site investigations could become necessary.

However, some obituaries may be behind paywalls. The U.S Will Registry provides an opportunity for people to post their loved ones’ obituaries and death notices freely so as to honor their memory in front of friends and family members.

By entering their legal name together with birthdate or in case of death notices, their name plus birthdate the dead person’s obituary on the U.S Will Registry becomes very simple.

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