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Finding an Obituary for a Specific Person

Finding an obituary for a specific person should not be difficult and yet it often is.

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that, at some point, we will lose someone who is dear to us. It’s a moment of heart-ache that leaves us feeling vulnerable. But, being able to read the obituary with the details of the life that was can provide comfort and a sense of closure.

Searching for the Obituary

When you are looking for an obituary for a specific person, the best advice is to arm yourself with as many details as possible. Of course, it’s best to be able to search on the exact date of death. But, if you don’t have the exact date of death try searching on a range of dates. If you know the place of death, that can help you, too. You can also try searching using the last known place of residence, if you aren’t sure of the place of death. If the person whose obituary you are looking for is a married woman, search using her married name. You can narrow down the search results, if necessary, by using her maiden name.

There are a few sites on the Internet that provide access to many historical records, including obituaries. But your best bet is a good search engine. A good search engine indexes as many individual sites as possible, thereby simplifying your research. Only when you cannot find enough search results with a search engine should you consider the difficult and time-consuming task of wading through individual sites.

Unfortunately, finding an obituary for a specific person is not always straightforward. If the person you’ve lost has a very unique name, you might be able to find it quickly. But in a world with ever more data available, you might not be able to find their obituary at all. Or, perhaps this person is still very dear to you, but you haven’t been in touch for a while so you might not be sure of details that would have helped you find the obituary.

You might even find the obituary for that specific person, only to discover that it is behind a paywall and you will have to subscribe just to read it and leave your condolences.

The U.S. Will Registry

On the U.S. Will Registry, however, you can post an obituary or a death notice for no cost. It’s a service available to the public, attorneys, and funeral homes. The U.S. Will Registry offers this service to help people  through a difficult moment.

When you add an obituary or death notice on the U.S. Will Registry, you can add as much information, including a photograph, as you need. After you post the obituary, you can share the link with all who may be interested. And they, in turn, can share it with others who would have known the deceased.

The U.S. Will Registry allows you to find an obituary for a specific person by simply entering their legal name, and birthdate.  Death notices are also able to be searched as well by entering the deceased name and birthdate.

Make it easy for loved ones to find your Last Will & Testament

Our national will database eases the burden placed on your loved ones. In fact, it’s been estimated that 67% of all wills are lost or misplaced. 

The U.S. Will Registry has minimized this problem. Lifetime Registration of your Will is  easy, secure and remains confidential.  Copies of your will are not registered, only their location. Your papers remain securely in your possession.

At the time of registration, you can pick between a number of charities and The U.S. Will Registry will donate a portion of your registration fee to your choice.

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