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The U.S. Will Registry Offers Free Online Will Program and Free Will Document Storage

Death is considered a taboo topic by many people. Thus, it’s no surprise that few people ever plan the end of their lives and decide what will happen to their lives when that time comes. Preparing a will is the surest way to ensure your estate gets distributed according to your wishes. The U.S. Will Registry now offers a free online will program that will enable you to create this vital document from the comfort of your home. Everything is done online, and the final document is legally binding. The best part is that everything is free.

Writing a will the traditional way has its challenges. For starters, you need to find an attorney who will charge a ton of money for their services. Not to mention the risk of the will becoming misplaced or manipulated.

Here’s why you should create a free will online and how you can get started.

Why Should You Create a Free Online Will?

Most people postpone estate planning until they are older. A common argument is that as you get older, the chances are you’ll have more assets to divide. However, death is an unpredictable part of life. The earlier you plan for it, the better. There’s no better way to do so than writing a will.

There are several ways to handle your estate planning. Of course, you can always hire a lawyer to handle everything on your behalf, but they don’t come cheap. You can save yourself from stress and unnecessary expenditure by creating an online will with the U.S. Will Registry. Here’s why you should consider the service:

Allows You to Take the Lead

Writing your will with the U.S. Will Registry allows you to make critical decisions concerning your estate. You don’t have to depend on an attorney to create the document for you or worry about courts dividing the estate if you die without a written will.

Saves You Time and Money

You can create a will on the U.S. Will Registry for free in a matter of minutes. Forget about scheduling appointments with attorneys and spending time filing endless paperwork. The service is particularly beneficial to anyone with an average amount of assets and who doesn’t want to spend the money on attorney fees.

Some individuals possessing considerable assets opt to create an online will as an initial step in their estate planning process before consulting an attorney. This approach allows them the opportunity to deliberate at their own rhythm before engaging legal counsel for comprehensive estate planning.

Saves Your Loved Ones from Stress

As the old saying goes, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way for those left behind to find peace of mind.” Dying without a will leaves your loved ones in the dark about your estate and how you want to divide it. Given such circumstances, it’s easy for inheritance conflicts to arise. Undertaking estate planning with the U.S. Will Registry reduces the stressful guesswork and uncertainty for your loved ones.

Gives You Peace of Mind

Creating a will on the platform gives you the peace of mind that you can update it when you want, not when your attorney is available. It takes a maximum of 20 minutes to create a legally binding will and even less to update it when the need arises.

How The U.S. Will Registry Free Online Will Program Works

Contrary to what you may think, writing a will doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. With the online will program, lengthy attorney appointments, out-of-pocket costs, and all that will be a thing of the past. The service provides a simplified and cost-free way to create a legal will online. Here’s all you need to do:

Provide Your Basic Information

Visit the U.S. Will Registry website, and provide your basic information, including name, contact address, marital status, as well as beneficiaries’ details.

Choose Your Executor

Your estate executor is responsible for undertaking your wishes when you die. For this reason, it should be someone you can trust to carry out your wishes fairly.

State How You Want Your Estate Divided

Before you head over to the U.S. Will Registry to create a will, ensure you’ve gathered the necessary information about your assets and beneficiaries. It will help you determine what’s at hand and how much of it needs to be divided among your beneficiaries.

Draft Your Will

This entails describing how you want your estate divided. There are several templates in the U.S. Will Registry, which you can use to create your will. It’s best to use clear and concise language when drafting your will.

Download Your Document

After creating a will online, download and save the document in your preferred format. You can also choose to print it.

A will created using the free online will program has unlimited amendments. Since everything is online, all you need to do is update the original documents and save the changes. The changes render your old will null and void.

With the U.S. Will Registry, you can also support a charity of your choice. The online will creator has a separate page where testators can choose to bequeath part or all of their estate to a charity. Charities get much of their funds from bequests and the U.S. Will Registry allows the public to donate to a charity of their liking while creating online wills.

Get Free iCloud Document Storage

The benefits of creating an online will with The U.S. Will Registry extends beyond the straightforward process. The service has a long-standing partnership with, which allows access to free online document storage.

In this case, you won’t have to worry about your will falling into the wrong hands and getting manipulated. After creating the document, you can store it in a digital vault, where it stays inaccessible to everyone else. Thus, the U.S. Will Registry is the only service that helps you create, register, and store your will at no charge.

Take Charge of Your Estate Planning Today

Determining what happens to your assets when you die is of utmost significance. Indeed, no one wishes to think about the end, but it’s inevitable. Don’t put off estate planning until it’s too late. So, take advantage of the U.S Will Registry’s free online will program to create a will, update an existing one, and store it in a secure digital vault.

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